The way you want to do this is provide free shipping only to those persons that like you on social media or which link their accounts to your website. This way you can increase your social media exposure, plus you get to make customers Forex happy. It’s a win-win situation for everybody involved, and that’s what you really need in the end. Social Media platforms have billions of users every day, and they bring in a huge exposure to audiences all over the world.


CEO Pat Rogers discussed the fabs costing $10 billion each, but the act will cap subsidies at $3 billion per fab which requires Intel to still fund the majority of the costs. The company can’t build up the foundry business without building these new fabs to increase supply.

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The key investor takeaway is that AMD has been unduly punished for feared sector weakness. Have made the case for strong demand and nearly insatiable demand in the data center, premium PC and automotive sector, yet the are hitting new lows due to weak low-end PC and smartphone demand. Oddly, Intel is the company continuously discussing weakness and apparently slashing chip prices, yet the stock is holding up better. I love spending time researching high-quality growth companies. That also includes investing time analyzing their price action. In addition, it has allowed me to develop a clear understanding of how institutional investors play their game. Consequently, a series of lower-high bull traps is not constructive for NOW’s price action, as it corroborated the market’s intentions to continue its bearish bias.

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  • First, Nike projected another profit margin decline in its fiscal first quarter.
  • That’s a pretty significant incentive to continue posting.
  • A closer inspection of NOW’s weekly chart helps unveil significant clues to its price action.
  • AMD is clearly priced for an economic outlook that appears highly unlikely, even in a recession.

I enjoy sharing my experience, knowledge, and mistakes with fellow investors who don’t have time to look at the market. As a result, our model suggests that ServiceNow needs to post a TTM revenue of $24.36B by CQ4’26.

Stock Market Today: Dow Jones, S&p 500 Edge Higher; Kohls Stock Tumbles After Ending Sales Talks With Franchise Group

The positively reinforcing cycle has worked in its favor for decades with no end in sight. On the contrary, with inflation pinching consumer budgets, they could look to Costco even more to get more bang for their buck. Costco has gained widespread consumer loyalty because of its reputation for value. The membership XPEV warehouse store offers customers great value by carrying fewer SKUs and selling bulk packages. Additionally, as Costco attracts new customers who increase its revenue, it uses the scale to pass along even more value to customers. I was previously an Executive Director with a global financial services corporation.


However, the revised consensus estimates indicate it could deliver revenue of $11.47B in FY24. Therefore, we are not convinced that ServiceNow could meet our revenue target at its current valuation. However, the operating leverage gains are also estimated to slow down, as nasdaq XPEV seen above. We believe it’s consistent with markedly slowing topline growth. Investors should not expect ServiceNow to «squeeze» even more operating efficiencies while managing a moderation in revenue growth. Therefore, we believe the consensus estimates are appropriate.

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