Of candidates got hired for their planning and organisational skills.

In the case of customer service skills the gender difference was flipped with 57% of women considering them important compared to around 34% of men. Working with others is a crucial part of virtually every job in every industry. Whether it’s colleagues or customers, it’s essential to be able to effectively navigate the complexities of human interaction. Soft skills were uss express working days the clear favourite, with a full 61% of respondents considering them of paramount importance over hard skills. Of candidates got hired for their planning and organisational skills. The ability to be a team player is essential in almost every industry and job. Self-motivation comes with the whole package of positive energy, passion for work, and consistency at work.

  • Glassdoor’s Blog provides valuable content to the conscious job seeker and employees who are passionate about furthering and deepening their careers.
  • When you write a resume, it’s important to organize the content so it’s succinct and easy to read.
  • We will cover the top 19 factors in order of importance, starting with the most important attributes employers look for when making a hiring decision.
  • Now more than ever you need to make sure your tech skills are up to speed.

Learn how to boil down the essentials of your business or your own… Keep an eye on these small business trends and predictions this… You’re not in a fixed mindset; instead, you’re prepared to accept solutions that may be outside the norm. The ability to empathize with your user and understand their problem is vital to solving that problem. Building technology is about solving problems, but you can’t solve a problem unless you understand the user’s pain. Not only can it lead to inefficiency, it can also cause interpersonal issues which can damage morale, resulting in a negative workplace environment.

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Invest in your strategic planning skills and those people around you in an effort to expand your horizons and lay the foundation for the many iterations of strategic planning sessions to come. Developing solid written communication skills comes from years of practice and a dedication to growing your ability to effectively communication with a wide variety of people in a variety of formats. As with https://kellerlogistics.com/ most types of communication, it is not only how you say it but also what is said. Honing your craft and being an effective communicator is not a singular event; but rather, a process of improving your set of communication skills over time. Writing an effective letter, memo, or email is comprised of understanding your audience, proper format, composition, style, structure, grammar, and editing.

top skills employers look for

The world is a venerable melting pot and having multiple languages in your toolbox can tip the scales in your favor during the interview process. The spirit of an entrepreneur is about possessing a disciplined courage. The gumption to take risks coupled with a thoughtful analysis of a situation is requisite prior to making an important decision. Bringing that sort of moxie to the https://uss-express.com/careers/ workplace has true benefit to an organization, large or small, but must be tempered with a degree of objectivity. Building a successful career can take years, even decades. Somewhere along the way you might have realized your interests have shifted, or you want to take… This will help you and your potential employer determine whether or not the role will be a good match.


One way to improve your listening comprehension skills is to ask questions. Other tactics include restating what you thought you heard to confirm you understood correctly, and taking notes.

You will be able to work smarter, not harder, and it will increase your employer’s confidence in you. You should continuously upgrade yourself and your tech knowledge with ongoing learning, experimenting, and curiosity. Feel free to directly mention the project management app you use to keep yourself or your team organized. If an interviewer asks how you prioritize your workload, your project management skills will make you better equipped to answer. With many companies nearing their pre-pandemic hiring pace once again – the job market is booming.

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